Lab Director

Ben Parrell

Position title: Assistant Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders


Lab Manager

Chris Naber


I studied Psychology, Linguistics, and Music Performance at Emory University. After a stint at Epic and UW-Madison’s CSD capstone program, I started working in SMAC Lab in Summer 2019. I programmed experiments related to timing in speech, assisted students on projects, and improved lab tools like Audapter. In Summer 2021 I became lab manager.

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Dinglan Tang


I am a postdoctoral fellow at  Speech Motor Neuroscience Group at UW–Madison, a collaboration between the Brain, Language, and Acoustic Behavior Lab (PI: Niziolek) and the Speech Motor Action + Control Lab (PI: Parrell). My research focuses on the mechanisms underlying sensorimotor learning in speech at both behavioral and neural level.


I completed my PhD in Speech&Brain lab at University of Oxford in the global pandemic (2020) with Kate Watkins and co-mentor Charlotte Stagg. My PhD work focused on the auditory-motor interactions during both speech perception and production. I use a mixture of behavioural testing (e.g. real-time feedback perturbation), Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), and Magnetoencephalography/electroencephalography (M/EEG).

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Bailey Meyers


I am a junior undergraduate majoring in Communication Sciences & Disorders and Linguistics with a certificate in Disability Rights & Services. I plan to go to graduate school for speech language pathology, and I’m very interested in neurodegenerative disorders and both speech planning and production.

Erin Murdoch


I am a junior majoring in communication sciences & disorders and psychology. I plan to pursue a career as a speech language pathologist. I am particularly interested in the connection between neuroscience and speech.

Josh Silverman


I am a sophomore at UW-Madison majoring in biochemistry and plan to pursue a career in medicine. I am specifically interested in neural circuits and how they interact to produce speech and motor functions.

Emily Tesch


I am an undergraduate sophomore here at UW Madison majoring in Neurobiology and Spanish. I am particularly interested in the neuroscience behind speech production from a multilingual linguistics perspective.